PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg
PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg


PETG 1.75 mm 1 kg

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Product Parameters

Filament diameter: 1.75/3.0MM

Tolerance: ±0.02MM

Printing temperature: 220-250℃

Bottom plate temperature: need to apply glue when not heating

Heating 60-80℃, no glue

Rally (KGF): 8-14

Melt index: 6-11g/10min

(220℃, 2.16kg)

Printing speed: 50-100MM/s

Air bubbles: 100% zero bubbles

Net weight: 1KG/roll

PETG (3)

PETG Filament Features

1. Environmental protection and non-toxic;

2. Easier to print compared to ABS.

3. Low warping when printing with large objects.

4. Good toughness, not easy to be brittle, good acid and alkali resistance, excellent

The toughness, weather resistance, and good adhesion.

5. Good dimensional stability, no cracks and warping.

6. High transparency and good gloss. Suitable for all types of FDM3D printers, suitable

PETG (1)

PETG is an abbreviation for Polyethylene Terephthalate (with a glycol modification). This is more transparent and less brittle than PET. As material for 3d printing, Petg filament is known for extremely durable and prints without odor. It has great mechanical strength like ABS, and similar finish quality to PLA. In one word, Petg filament has the advantages of both PLA and ABS. it always prints for flexible and durable objects.

Compared with pla or abs, PETG filament is very durable and more flexible. It is hard to break in half. Petg has much low shrinkage, it can stick well to heated bed. You should be careful to remove parts from the bed. Liking PLA, both have great layer adhesion and oderless in printing. Meanwhile, petg has great chemical resistance, along with alkali, acid and water resistance

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