Volcano nozzle 0,4mm 1 stk
Volcano nozzle 0,4mm 1 stk
Volcano nozzle 0,4mm 1 stk
Volcano nozzle 0,4mm 1 stk


Volcano nozzle 0,4mm 1 stk

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Choose the nozzle that suits your needs. All nozzles of the Volcano type fit Anycubic Kobra Max, Kobra Plus, Vyper
Our nozzles fit 1.75mm filaments and have an output size of 0.4mm.

Your choice of nozzle should depend on the material you are printing with.


Good for printing PLA. Brass nozzles are what most 3D printers are born with, as it is easy to use, they are cheap to produce and easy to replace.
In addition, they are cheap to replace.

Stainless steel:

This type of nozzle has many of the same strengths as brass, however they can withstand higher temperatures. Since this Nozzle is stainless, it also lasts longer than brass. It can be used in environments that do not necessarily take rust into account. Good all-round nozzle which can easily replace your brass nozzle.

Hardened steel (Hardened steel):

A fantastic material for printing all types of filaments. Hardened steel does not wear in the same way as brass. Therefore, it can print filaments that wear a lot on the nozzle. Examples of filaments that wear a lot on the nozzle are; Glow in the dark, ABS, Metal, Carbon, Wood and other hard plastic types.
Hardened steel can withstand extremely high temperatures and can thus also be used for high speed prints.

Brass with Teflon:

This new type of nozzle is completely exceptional. It is an ordinary brass nozzle that has been given a Teflon coating on the tip.
This means that melted filament cannot stick to the tip of the nozzle, and thus cannot create blobs in the print. It is excellent for TPU and PLA.
Be aware that if this nozzle runs too close to the plate, the Teflon coating wears off.


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