Wash & Cure Plus
Wash & Cure Plus
Wash & Cure Plus
Wash & Cure Plus
Wash & Cure Plus


Wash & Cure Plus

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Big size

Hardener size: 190mm(D)*245mm(H)


360° auto-rotating platform


Even stronger washing power

L-shaped light

Also cure the top of your print.

Technical specifications

Properties: Washing and hardening
Control: Digital tube, LED light, control handle
Power: 25W
Input voltage: AC110/220V 50/60Hz
UV light: 405nm
Time selection: 1-60 min,
machine size: 290mm(L)*270mm(W)*479mm(H)
Sink size: 192mm(L)*120mm(W)*290mm(H)
Bracket size: 192mm(L)*120mm(W)*235mm(H)
Curing Size: 190mm(D)*245mm(H)
Weight: 6.5 kg


Rotate your print 360° under UV light when curing. By adding a reflector, the top of the model can also be hardened

Upgraded LED bulbs

The new UV bulbs have an optical lens, so they can achieve even more irradiation and thus better curing

Washing options

Several different washing programs make it easier to handle resin prints. Either in a basket or directly on the print head.

Powerful wash

The huge washing tornado ensures that all parts of the print and the support are cleaned.

Safe to use

When the lid is removed from the Wash & Cure Plus, it automatically pauses the curing process so that the UV light cannot harm people

Anti-UV cover

The cover of Wash & CUre Plus can block up to 99.95% 405nm UV light

Easier control

1-60 min. time setting provides more options for curing and washing

Closed washing container

The washing container can contain large models and is compatible with all LCD resin printers of 8.9" and under.

After cleaning and curing

Resin is significantly improved after cleaning and curing, and is the only real finishing treatment.

Included equipment

Wash container




Wash basket

Stainless steel bearing

Harden plate

Service card


Washing rack

360° hardening
The 360° automatic rotating curing platform, equipped with L-shaped strip light and reflective mirror mark, enables the machine to realize a really thorough curing.

Upgraded UV lamp beads
Added with optical lens, the UV light source can achieve more even irradiation and thorough curing.

More powerful washing
Multiple washing methods can provide more flexible model cleaning and avoid contact with resin. Basket washing & hanger cleaning

Stronger cleaning power
The super large cleaning swirl allows the liquid to clean all parts of the model and supports washable resin model cleaning.

Safer to use
Pause automatically when the cover is removed. In curing mode, the machine stops curing when the cover is removed to prevent UV light from causing harm to the human body.

Anti-UV light cover
The integrated anti-UV cover is capable of blocking 99.95% 405nm wavelength UV light.

Easier mode switching
Time selection of 1-60 minutes provides more options for washing and curing.

Washing bucket included
The sink can accommodate larger models and is compatible with all 8.9 inch and under LCD resin printers on the market.

After cleaning and curing
The material properties of the resin are significantly improved after cleaning and curing.

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