Photon Mono SE
Photon Mono SE
Photon Mono SE
Photon Mono SE
Photon Mono SE
Photon Mono SE


Photon Mono SE

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6" 2K Mono

4 x as long a lifetime as normal. color LCD

Easy leveling

Quick and easy leveling without difficulty

Faster printing

The printer prints up to 3x faster than normal. LCD printers

Anycubic App

Connect the printer to Wifi and control it via the Anycubic App

Technical specifications

System : ANYCUBIC Photon Mono SE
Control: 3.5 inch Touch Screen
Software: ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
Connection: USB / Wifi
Technology: LCD-based SLA
Light source: UV light๏ผˆwavelength 405nm๏ผ‰
XY resolution.: 0.051mm 2560*1620๏ผˆ2K๏ผ‰
Z Resolution.: 0.01mm
Layer resolution.: 0.01 ~ 0.15mm
Print speed: MAX 80mm/h
Printer size : 220mm(L)*200mm(W)*400mm(H)
Build Volume: 130mm(L)*78mm(W)*160mm(H)
Material: 405nm UV Resin
Net weight: ~8.2kg

New matrix light source

A more holistic light source provides higher efficiency and distribution of heat.

Easy leveling

Lower the plate and tighten the screw, then the printer is level.

Faster printing

Reduce cooldown to 1 second. The print speed is 2-3 times faster than an RGB screen.

High quality Z axis

Improves stability and reduces risk of layer shift.

Anycubic Slicer software

New functions have been added to the software. Supports anti-aliasing up to 16x, hollowing out division of model as well as insert text functions.

Anycubic App control

Keep an eye on the printer via the accompanying app. Set the printer while printing.

UV cooling

Cools the printer to provide a more stable performance and a longer lifespan.

2K monochrome screen

Reduce your cooldown to 1.5 seconds. The screen lasts significantly longer, up to 2000 hours of printing, which is 4 x as much as a normal. LCD screen

Strong power supply

UL certified, CE marked and ETL certified.

Included equipment









USB stick


Resin vessel

Wi-Fi antenna

Photon Mono SE is the real replacement for the fantastic Photon S.

Since the original Anycubic Photon was launched, Anycubic has been a leader in SLA printing.
With the new Photon Mono SE, you get an SLA printer that is approx. 4 x faster than the original Photon S.
In addition, you get wifi control via the Anycubics App, and a significantly improved leveling system.

All in all, a great upgrade on a great printer.

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Eco Resin 0.5 LEco Resin 0.5 L


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